Shakeology, what can it do for YOU?

I was chatting to someone last week who asked me what Shakeology has done for me. They were interested in trying the shake, but thought it to be pricey for a protein shake (by the way, it is not a protein shake, but we will get there. Carl Dailkeler talking about Shakeology). They wanted to know where the value was, which is completely uderstandable. I explained that everyone is different, some people experience results from the very first time they drink it, while others only feel or notice results after drinking it for a while. Even though results are sometimes not noticeable right away, after drinking Shakeology every day for a number of months now, I am seeing changes in my body – inside and out, top to bottom – that I never thought were possible (clear skin, soft hair, increased energy, ability to focus better, stabilized moods *Rob is very happy about this improvement*, weight loss/weight management, and the list goes on…). 

I am super fussy about what I eat and what I put into my body, so I made sure I did a lot of research, looking into each of the ingredients. After reading and reading and listening and reading and watching videos I can honestly say that even if I didn’t feel a difference or see ANY results I would STILL drink this meal replacement health shake every day purely for the amazing ingredients in each serving. There is no soy, all ingredients are non-GMO and sourced from sustainable and fair trade certified farms, and the only reason Shakeology can’t be called “gluten free” – even though all the ingredients actually are – is because it is manufactured in a facility that is not certified gluten-free. 

The ethics involved in the production of Shakeology, the people who formulated and created it, and the company that has named and marketed it are a deeply moral and ethical organization, who are environmentally conscious and invested in helping people. These are the reasons I became a part of this company, I wanted to be part of their greatness, even if it was just a small part. 

There is SO much more to say about Shakeology (you can read more HERE), but for now I’ll just offer those who have never tried Shakeology the opportunity to taste it. One serving is not going to be a true reflection of the long-term effects of drinking this shake, but at least you can get a taste for it. So, for those in the USA who have not tried Shakeology before, I have a few single serving samples I will be mailing out. If you want a sample serving, fill out the form below:

In order to help you all celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, here is a super creamy and delicious Shakeo recipe. Let me know what you think once you’ve tried it!

Shamrock Shakeology

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