Club Performance Challenge Pack

It’s a performance-enhancing supplement system specifically designed to meet the demands of world-class workouts. Beachbody Performance helps you overcome your fitness obstacles, whether it’s low energy, lack of focus, dehydration, exercise-induced muscle soreness, slow recovery, or poor workout performance. With Beachbody Performance, you can push yourself harder and last longer, which means you can get better (and faster) results from your workouts.


It’s an all-in-one system that can be used together or easily customized depending on your fitness goals or needs. There are 5 unique formulas—Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge, and Creatine. Each serves a specific purpose, and when used as a system they work together to help you get, more energy and endurance, better focus to push harder, less exercise-induced muscle soreness, and faster recovery times. To find the Beachbody Performance products that would be perfect for you and your goals, go to for customized recommendations.

This challenge pack includes:

  • 3 months membership to Team Beachbody Club
  • Access to Beachbody On Demand – instant online streaming of hundreds of workouts (offering you a wide variety of workouts options and opportunity for cross-training)
  • Sneak peaks of new workouts as well as new workouts uploaded EVERY MONTH
  • 10% discount on all Team Beachbody purchases (including monthly Shakeology or Performance Line supplements)
  • VIP access to your favorite trainers!
  • Personalized meal plans and nutrition tips (easy access and all in one place)
  • 1 month’s supply of Energize (pre-workout) and Recover (post-workout) from Beachbody’s brand new, scientifically designed, NSF certified Performance Line.
  • Me as your free Coach!
  • A free online accountability group, to help you stay motivated and on track
  • Access to the online SuperGym
  • $2 super-saver shipping
  • 30-day, bottom of the bag, money back guarantee
  • Free sign up at for a chance to win $500, or more!
Club Performance Cahallenge Pack

Click the pic to order your Club Performance Pack

Fitness programs currently available for streaming: P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, Ten Minute Trainer, ChaLEAN Extreme, and more!

Message me if you have any questions, or would like to join one of our upcoming accountability groups.

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