My Ultimate Game Changer

The other day I had someone tell me that I cannot say that Shakeology was the ultimate game changer for me in my health and fitness journey because “it was clearly the workouts that had changed my body and not the shakes.”

Now, while I absolutely agree that the Beachbody workouts are AMAZING, highly effective, and super well thought out and designed, here’s why I attribute a lot of my “transformation” and feeling as happy and healthy as I do, to Shakeology:


I was just as active, if not more so. That was one of the reasons I was so incredibly frustrated, because I was doing everything I should’ve been, but not seeing any results. This led me to trying diet pills, drops, diet shakes, and even starving myself to try and see the results I was after. Sadly, this all had the opposite effect on me. It was about a number on the scale, and not about how my body felt. It was about “thigh-gaps” and size 2 pants, instead of about feeling strong and healthy.

I was working out, I was going to the gym, doing bootcamp style workouts, and going to Bikram yoga classes, sometimes even twice a day (who on God’s green earth has 3 hours to spend working out a day?!) and yet I was not seeing my body change.

I would wake up and down a diet shake (I cringe just saying this, but slim fast shakes were stocked up in my fridge! *gasp*) and I would head out the door to my first 6:30am Bikram yoga session. I would try walk as much as possible, eat as little as possible, and then try get to a 2nd class in the evenings. Dinner would be something “healthy” (according to the label) that I could whip up in just a few minutes because by that time in my day I was just too exhausted to cook anything.

In 2014 I was sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin!
I had gotten really involved with Strala yoga and was interested in holistic and “clean” ways to really care for and support my body.

Enter Beachbody…

transformation photo copy 2

I started doing 30 minute workouts and drinking Shakeology (which I had researched the heck out of) every day. I learnt what it meant to truly feed and fuel your body with whole foods and simple nutrition. I still ate pizza, indulged in ice cream, and got takeout, but it was in moderation and definitely not every single night.

My cravings for junk food started going away, my energy increased, my skin improved, my moods improved (dramatically!), and for the first time in my life I was not only seeing results, but even better I was FEELING results!

I was saving both time and money – monthly Bikram, bootcamp, and gym memberships were costing me well over $200 a month, never mind the fact that it took up nearly my entire day just trying to fit it all in! – and I was gaining confidence and positivity.

Sure, you might want to say that the workouts are what built my muscles, but the fact that Shakeology nourishes your body on a cellular level, is jam-packed with dense nutrition, and that all of Beachbody’s programs teach you how to eat properly for YOUR body, has really brought about the dramatic changes within me. This has impacted not only my external appearance, but even more valuable is the mental and emotional changes I have felt because of taking charge of my health and wellness, and deciding to work towards becoming the healthiest version of myself.

I workout because I love my body

Every Beachbody program comes with a solid nutrition guide, the workouts are easy to follow and highly effective, and Shakeology has definitely been a complete game changer for me. Beachbody has taught me what it means to eat simple and nutritious foods, how to read labels, and that I only need 20-40 minutes a day to feel my best and get in the best shape of my life.

If you have tried everything in the past, but are still struggling to find something that works for you,  fill out the form below and I will help you find a program that works with your goals and your schedule. Feel free to share any of your struggles or goals in the comments section, the more information you share, the better I can help you!

What is your health worth to you? 
Invest in yourself! 

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