How to Cut Fresh Mango


I love Mango, I use it as often as I can. In the Winter months I buy frozen, organic mango chunks just to keep me going!
Other than making awesome tropical tasting Shakeology smoothies with mango, another favorite is using it to top yoghurts and oatmeal. I’ve had a few friends ask how to cut fresh mango, so here’s how you do it in just a few really easy steps.

  1. Choose a nice ripe mango (a ripe mango will give slightly, they soften a little as they ripen. NOTE, the red color that appears on some mango varieties is not an indication of ripeness.)
  2. Slice in half, avoiding the pit (DO NOT PEEL FIRST!)
  3. Cut the mango flesh into cubes WITHOUT cutting through the peel (see image 3)
  4. Invert the mango half so that the pieces are sticking out like a hedgehog.
  5. Use a small paring knife and cut the pieces away from the peel, or you might be able to pull the segments off with your fingers.


Shakeology Recipe: Caribbean Crush Superfood Smoothie

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