I know you want me to tell you that this was easy, but I can’t.

I am completely blown away by my results, I NEVER (in a million moons) expected results like this after just one round! (And after having struggled FOR MONTHS postpartum to lose the weight) 

This is not a “quick fix.”

This was a total mind and body SHIFT!

Sure, the workouts were only 25-45 minutes each day, and the meals are simple to follow, easy to prep, and tasty to eat, BUT showing up EVERYDAY, getting it done NO MATTER WHAT – no cheating, no excuses – that’s HARD WORK!

How many programs have you purchased, but that’s where your commitment ended?
How many times have you started, but then given up halfway through?
How many times have you said, “I’ll start tomorrow”?

As much as I can’t tell you this will be easy, I CAN tell you that you WILL get the results you want, IF you are willing to put in the work.
If you are ready to share your goals with me and commit to 3 weeks, fill out the short form below, and let’s do this together. 


PS I am terrified of sharing my “front angle” photos because I am so much broader and bumpier after having a baby …but these were my results after the 21 days, so here they are!


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